Clinical chemistry

International External Quality Assessment Program

General runnings

The laboratory interested in participating in one or more programs (BIOCHEMISTRY, B.HUMAN, URINE, RHEUMA, PROTEINS) should fill in the Laboratory Identification (Registration) and send it to Prevecal contact in his country.

Once registered the laboratory will receive the kit of the programs (BIOCHEMISTRY, B.HUMAN, URINE, RHEUMA and/or PROTEINS) in which it is going to participate, and the corresponding material:

  • 12 control serums labelled with the month in which they must be analysed,
  • instruction sheets on the preparation, stability, storage, etc. of the control materials.

The laboratory should analyse control serums in the month shown on the label, and go to Laboratory Access through code and password for entering the results.

In the case there has been some mistake, the results can be changed up to the closing date. The last day to enter the results by means of the Prevecal web is on the 20th of every month, and the only results can be entered will be the ones corresponding to the current month.

The organisation will process the results and show the corresponding reporta at Laboratory Access.

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