International External Quality Assessment Program

General runnings

The laboratory interested in participating in one or more programs (ANA, nDNA, CELIAC and ANCA) should submit a request to Biosystems S.A. local distributor or by filling out the Registration form of the PREVECAL website.

Once registered, the laboratory will receive the program kits, in which it is going to participate and the corresponding material:

  • control sera labelled with the month in which they must be analysed,
  • index cards to write the observed result,
  • index cards to inform the Prevecal organisation about possible modifications carried out by the laboratory during the cycle,
  • instructions sheets on the preparation, stability, storage, etc. of the control materials.

The laboratory should analyse the control sera in the month shown on the label. Once the sera has been analysed, their results must be entered in Data entry of Prevecal website and Send before the 20th of month.

The organization will process the results and send the corresponding monthly report to its laboratory before the 5th of next month. Laboratories will receive the corresponding monthly reports to the electronic address indicated to the organisation.

Prevecal organisation will send a password code to assure the protection and confidentiality of the participants.

The participant must enter the results in the Prevecal website the following way:

  • go to Laboratories Access and enter your laboratory code (login) and your password code,
  • choose the program (ANA, nDNA, CELIAC and ANCA) to input the results,
  • input the results and confirm with Save
  • a confirmation message will appear automatically

In the case that participant has been comitted some error, the participant can modify the results until deadline for entering results.

When finishing the 12 month cycle of the program, the Prevecal organisation will send a final report and a participation Diploma to each laboratory within 1 month.

User Guide  

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